Welcome to Kaleidoscope Psychotherapy

Hello, my name is Liz Bunting, I am a UKCP Accredited Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist working in Cheshire. I provide individuals with Nature based therapy, outdoors on peaceful Forest walks. Shinrin-Yoku or ‘Forest Bathing’ is surrounding oneself with nature, slowing down the stressful, hectic, technology filled pace of life to be able to just ‘be’, practicing mindfulness with some meditation.

I have extensive experience since 2012 specialising in providing Integrative Psychotherapy working with adolescents & young adults who are struggling. I provide a therapeutic space for individuals to explore and express themselves and their troubles in a psychologically & emotionally safe & consistent place. I recognise that it is a significant psychological step to make the decision to attend therapy which can feel daunting. This is natural and clients often tell me during the first session this passes quickly and feels much more comfortable than they could have imagined.

My therapeutic approach is Integrative, this means I draw from a variety of theories and then select the most useful & relevant one or combination that is most effective to each individual’s need and preferred way of working. This often begins developing a therapeutic relationship to understand and work through some of the issues; it may include interventions using metaphor – depending on the goals and interests of each individual client.

The impact of Covid in 2020 has meant that many young people have missed out on some of the natural stages of their development. As a result of routines being restricted, a lack of choice and control, a huge move to online for education, socialisation and most therapy too, the isolation seems to have created some issues.

Young people have a heightened sense of acute anxiety, the thought of college University or work is overwhelming, some have forgotten the activities they used to partake in, be good at and have fun doing, believing they have lost the skills and confidence to make and maintain friendships and relationships in person. Their self image, belief and confidence is impacted by social media, which feeds them a constant stream of information and images that are often negative at best and harmful at worst.

Communication has changed between young people, affecting their relationships with siblings and parents too. There have been losses, of loved ones, of relationships that have changed and of the freedoms we perhaps took for granted.

My belief is that every individual has the personal ability to live a constructive life and continue to develop across their lifespan, given the optimal environment of therapy that is solution- focused, with a focus on relational skills and a raising of personal awareness and accountability.

Clients who have experienced the beneficial effects of therapy with Kaleidoscope Psychotherapy include athletes at Club, Regional, County, England, GB and International levels of sports in the following fields:

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Hockey: Field & Ice
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball

Main Counselling Services

  • Adolescents
  • Emerging Adults (16 - 29)

Issues Worked With

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Boundaries
  • Decision Making
  • Depression or Low Mood
  • Difficulties with friendships & relationships
  • Effective communication
  • Stress
  • Grief & loss
  • Low mood, Self esteem/Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Problems with School
  • Resilience
  • Trust
  • Transitions