Psychotherapy FAQ

Q. What age do you work with?

A. Age 16 – 29 Adolescents & Emerging Adults

Q. How do we begin?

A. Please email with a brief overview of your worries, concerns & age of the person requiring therapy. I aim to respond to any enquiries within 24 hours of receiving your email. I do my best to be flexible & often am able to offer an initial telephone assessment of 25 minutes within the first week, thereafter I can offer regular psychotherapy sessions, whether that be online or in person within a week of the first contact call.

Q. How do I pay?

A. I require payment to be made in advance of the initial assessment call to secure the appointment. This ensures you know that time is booked for specifically for you and that I am committing my time, focus and attention solely on you and the issues you need to bring to therapy.

Q. What does the assessment involve?

A. The assessment is simply a discussion that gives you the client the opportunity to talk a bit about what is troubling you, any questions you may have about therapy & the way I work specifically & also for me to ask you a few questions about your symptoms, relevant physical or mental health issues & for us to establish that we will work well together.

Q. How long are the sessions?

A. I offer sessions in length of 25 minutes, 50 minutes or 100 minutes, please enquire via email for relevant fees.

Q. How long does therapy last?

A. This varies depending on the following

· Difficulties or trauma a person is experiencing

· The length of time & intensity the issues have been affecting the person seeking therapy

· The age of the client

· Ciient’s goal(s)

Some individuals require weekly therapy sessions for 6 -12 months, when symptoms reduce we review & there is an option to move to fortnightly or monthly.

However other people decide after attending weeks or months of psychotherapy that a check in as & when they need it can be very effective. This might be monthly or less frequent.

This works because they have done the work in their original therapy to process or work through their difficulties and implemented healthy changes and coping mechanisms.

Then when events happen in life that cause more stress, anxiety &/or trauma such as bereavement or significant transitions like house move or changes in relationships, it can be a relief to know they have someone with whom they have already built up a trusting, unbiased relationship that they can turn to.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. 48 hours notice is required; less notice will incur the full session fee. This ensures that appointments are available for individuals who are available to attend & gives me time & flexibility to accommodate them.

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